Agency With Choice

Agency With Choice (AWC)

Are you a recent recipient of either the PFDS or Consolidated Waivers, and find yourself at a loss of how to move forward?

We believe everyone has the right to choose what support services they receive to improve the quality of their life. We know that coordinating the delivery of services can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

The Agency With Choice program reduces the amount of time you have to spend organizing your Waiver supports by handling employment-related tasks you would otherwise be responsible for.

As an Agency With Choice, BCRC manages many of the day-to-day responsibilities associated with coordinating your support services, whether you choose to receive services from us or not.

When you partner with an Agency With Choice, you act as the managing employer, and you're responsible for overseeing the employees you choose to hire.

We act as the employer of record, and we're responsible for:

  • Screening employees
  • Obtaining employee clearance
  • Training employees
  • Managing payroll and employment-related taxes

If you and your family choose to participate in the Agency With Choice program, you retain full control over:

  • The services you receive
  • Who provides the services
  • How the services are delivered
  • How you spend your money
For more information about the Agency With Choice program, please contact:

Miranda Booth

AWC Liaison

724-378-4750 ext.1258