Employment Services FAQs

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  1. What is Paid-Work Training (PWTE)?
  2. Will I be receiving a paycheck?
  3. What types of skills will I learn in this training?
  4. What kind of classes are offered?
  5. What if I don’t find a job after the 6-month training?
  6. How can I enroll in this service?

Answer 1:

PWTE is employment support in the form of a transitional job, where the participant receives intensive on-site job coach support and supervision for a period of up to 6 months before independently entering the workforce.

Answer 2:

Yes. Participants enrolled in this program will receive minimum wage for their work and will receive assistance, if desired, in using this money to pay off fines and other potential bills in an effort to ease their transition into the workforce.

Answer 3:

Staff will work with the participants to address communication skills, worksite conflict, appropriate behavior, and other barriers that may hinder job retention. You'll have an opportunity to participate in classes that will help prepare you for a permanent job placement.

Answer 4:

Classes are offered on topics such as: financial literacy, Microsoft computer applications, job acquisition and retention skills, and self-advocacy.

Answer 5:

The duration of support through this program can extend up to 6 months, at which point, if an outside job placement has not yet been secured, the individual will be re-assessed for continued appropriate vocational support.

Answer 6:

For more information about our Paid Work Training Experience, please contact:

Traci Hughes at 724-378-4750 ext.1239.