We believe that every person has the right to work in a safe and comfortable environment


Work Safe” Program

Safety is a major priority at BCRC.  BCRC has worked diligently to develop and refine a safety program that has secured the well-being of both clients and staff.  The BCRC Safety Committee plays a major role in BCRC’s “Work Safe” program.  The Safety Committee is comprised of 13 members, with representatives from every facility.  Annually, BCRC conducts a Safety Awareness Week where clients and staff receive training on such topics as blood borne pathogens, fire safety, and pedestrian safety. Throughout the year, the Safety Committee provides safety leadership, and additional in-service training.  Clients and staff receive training on issues such as tornadoes and proper lifting techniques.  Regular inspections are another way that BCRC carries out the lessons and the spirit of Safety Week.  Fire drills, tornado drills, and inspections are conducted monthly.  Yearly, BCRC is inspected by the Fire Department, Insurance Companies and the Pennsylvania O.M.R., Western Region.  BCRC consistently receives high marks from safety inspectors as we strive to ensure the safety of everyone we serve.




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