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BCRC’s modern “state of the art” Production Centers provide real work experiences in an atmosphere of support.  Our highly trained staff promote the acquisition of key skills and personal growth.  Employees may choose from a wide range of work experiences designed to meet a variety of skills and interests.  Vocational Enhancement Experiences include:

²   Office Experiences (Document Preparation, Shredding and Mailing)

²  Creative Experiences, (Wrapping Candy, Arranging Bouquets, Making Bows, Decorating Wreaths)

²   Industrial Experiences (Drilling, Warehousing and Assembly)

²  Technical Experiences (Computer Training, Microfilming, Scan-ning and Digital Imaging)

²   Health Care Support Experiences (Assembling Diet Kits, Escort-ing Patients)

²  Service Industry Experiences (Food Preparation)




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