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BCRC believes that people with disabilities have often been underestimated.  The BCRC Records Management Employment Option gives people with disabilities the opportunity to be active participants in the technology age.  BCRC Records Management enables people to work in the areas of digital imaging and compact disc indexing, microfilming, document preparation and shredding.  BCRC clients work on state-of-the art digital imaging and microfilming technology that provides convenient, almost immediate retrieval of documents.  Duplicates of microfilm can be inexpensively made and safely stored for added security.  BCRC clients microfilm documents that take 98% less space than paper documents.  They provide a service to the community while realizing their potential to master a unique and valuable technology.


BCRC Records Management can scan Paper Documents or Microfilm to CD.

Custom Indexing- CDís can be organized according to your companyís specifications, allowing for immediate   access to your information. 

Save Time- Instead of searching through file cabinets, access your information quickly from  your computer.

Save Space- The contents of the average file cabinet can easily fit on one CD.

Document Security- CDís containing your confidential information can be password protected.



Space Savings- Microfilmed documents require only 2% of the space that paper documents need.  Return valuable floor and cabinet space to your office.

Document Preparation- Staples and paper clips can be removed and documents placed in order prior to filming, greatly increasing speed and efficiency of filming.  Repairs can be made to damaged documents.

Filming of documents- Standard and legal size documents, as well as continuous feed computer paper can be filmed.  Documents, such as checks, can be filmed on both sides (duplexed).

Film Conversion- Film can be converted to jackets, cartridges or CDís for ease of access and storage.

Document Security- Work is performed in our secured building that is locked at all times.

Record Retention- Duplicate set of archival film, stored in a safe location, will assure retention of information in the event of fire or theft.


On-site Office Support-  Under some circumstances, BCRC may arrange to provide help at your place of business with internal mail delivery, file sorting, scanning, microfilming, etc.

Shredding documents- Shredding provides economical, secure disposal of records. BCRC uses a crosscut shred that thoroughly destroys documents.  Your documents are mixed with others to assure greater security.

Bulk Mailings-  BCRC can fold, stuff, seal, label, stamp, and sort mail according to geographic area.  We will create labels from your companyís database or mailing list. Save money through bulk mail rates.  See Mailing Services.

Organize Files- BCRC can save you time and money by organizing your files.  We can purge files or arrange them alphabetically or numerically.






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