Pre-Vocational Program


The theme of the Pre-Vocational Program is to "Teach work with work" so that the client may learn by doing. The program is industrially oriented, offering clients contract work from various local businesses and industries. This program provides training and employment to persons with disabilities. Individuals work on goals designed to improve his/her work performance.

Each client has a Program Specialist and works in a group supervised by a Job Coach. The Job Coach instructs clients in the proper procedure necessary to complete jobs successfully. The Job Coach then helps the client gain independence in performing the job and remains available throughout the day to help with problems. Job Coaches and Program Specialist work as a team to move each client toward competitive employment.


Referrals are made through agencies such as the Base Service Unit (BSU), Office of Vocational    Rehabilitation (OVR), University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Mental Health Services (MHS), Veteran's Administration (VA), Blind and visual (BVS), as well as private insurance companies. Eligibility for services is determined primarily by the funding agency.

    Requirements for Admission

    Each applicant must do the following:

    Complete all necessary forms supplied by BCRC.

  1. Attend a pre-admission interview.

  2. Complete physical examination by a physician.

  3. Obtain authorization from referring agency for funding.

  4. Take responsibility for transportation to work.

  5. Agree to follow all rules and regulations as set forth in the BCRC "Client Handbook."


For more information please contact:

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Director of Client Services

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