We believe in the human spirit, and the right of every person to experience the joy of life.



Each person who attends BCRC is valued as an individual who possesses unique talents and interests.  BCRC provides experiences designed to contribute to personal growth and enhance the individual’s capacity to participate in the life of the community.  BCRC’s Life Enhancement Experiences include:

¹ The Vocational Exploration Series (Tours & on-site experiences at area businesses)           

¹ BCRC Wellness Program (Aerobic & resistance training at the YMCA)

¹ Habilitation Services

¹ BCRC Recreation Program (Socialization in a relaxed environment)

¹ Mental Health Support Classes (information about medication, advocacy, etc.)

¹ Other services include: Deaf Interpreting Service, Tutoring (Education in relationships, dating, etc.)

¹ Client In-service Training (Speakers, demonstrations, etc.)





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