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 Sign Language Classes

 BCRC has trained thousands of people in Sign Language

 When:  BCRC offers an eight week level I Sign Language class every spring and fall from 6 to 8 p.m.

 Where:  Class is held at BCRC’s Administration Center at 1517 Sixth Ave., New Brighton, PA

 To Register: Call 724-847-1306 (Voice or TDD).

 For more information: Contact: Kelly Newhouse  


 Interpreting Services


 Medical Appointments, Counseling Appointments, Physical Therapy Visits, Social  Events, etc.

 To request an interpreter call   724-847-1306 (Voice or TDD)


 BCRC, Inc., 1517 Sixth Ave., New Brighton, PA 15066-2219

 Fax: 724-847-1126


For more information: Contact: Kelly Newhouse 



 Office of Vocational Rehabilitation            Beaver County Behavioral Health


United Way                             Businesses                               Individuals



Deaf Services

Beaver County


Kelly Newhouse

Beaver County Rehabilitation Center 724-847-1306

Interpreters are paid portal to portal, with a two hour minimum.

Patients have the right to an interpreter if they request one. However, many do not know this, nor do they know     how to access the service. This cost is to the doctor or service provider.

Pittsburgh Speech and Hearing 412-281-1375

Interpreters are paid by the hour plus mileage.

Relay System

In the phone book is the number for the relay system. This allows individuals to communicate through trained  Communications Assistants.  800-654-5988

Children’s Services

Base service Unit, Early Intervention Program  724-775-7262

Adult Services

For those who are deaf and mentally retarded, have psychiatric difficulties or alcohol problems….Base Service Unit with individual also identifying their other problem.  724-775-7262

Vocational Services

Available through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. For those 16 and older, time limited programs are available to assist people in coping with their disability. Services include assessment, training, rehabilitation, education, equipment, if needed to gain employment. A counselor is assigned who will meet with them. 1-800-422-6379







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