Celebrates the Completion of the 2010-2011 School Year

                                   May 2011    

                 The School to Work program celebrated the year end by showing off their bowling skills at Baden Bowl. The day began with strikes and spares of all varieties, along with much celebration. The cosmic bowling section of the bowling alley was filled with music, laughter, and a lot of smiling faces. The clients certainly enjoyed their moments out on the hardwood. As everyone’s game came to a close, the students cooled down and filled up with a snack before moving on to the presentation of certificates. Each student’s name was called, coupled with the applause of all their peers. The Program Specialists presented each student with a Certificate of Completion for the 2010-2011 School to Work program. Pictures were taken with each client and their Program Specialist. As the festivities were winding down, the clients had the option to socialize with friends or play a spirited game of BINGO.  Some of the students even hopped back out onto the hardwood to show off some of their dance moves. There was visible joy on the faces of the staff and students, and a sense of accomplishment for another year well done.




STW’s Community Integration Program Volunteers Their Time

Spring 2011

                The Community Integration Program of BCRC’s School to Work Department spent much of their time last semester doing volunteer work in the surrounding communities. Every week, the students visited the residents at Rochester Manor, a nursing home in Rochester, PA, and assisted in the weekly bingo game. The students helped the residents in making sure every square that was called got covered with a bingo chip. Both the students and residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves week in and week out, winning prizes with every “BINGO!” Since the students were able to go on a regular basis, many friendships were made with the residents. The students also made Easter baskets and presented them to the residents at Easter.

                Another volunteer opportunity last semester came by way of the Salvation Army food bank in Beaver Falls. The students proved very helpful by walking through the store with customers, helping them to collect the items from the shelves. Time was also spent helping to restock the shelves in the storeroom. The students really enjoyed being able to use their time helping people in need and volunteering for an organization that was making a positive difference in the community.

                The Community Integration Program is a specialized program within the School to Work department. The program allows students to work in a smaller group setting with a maximum of a 6 to 1 ratio of students to job coaches. The program regularly goes on outings, assessments, and paid contract jobs. It allows the students to be more involved in the community and to explore many of the places they need to become familiar with in their transition to adulthood. The program has gone on outings to the BCTA Bus Station, PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services, the grocery store, the mall, the pharmacy, and many other locations around Beaver County.  Students are able to utilize their communication skills, social skills, and etiquette tips they have learned in the program while exploring their surrounding community.





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