CAPS (Creating Alternative Pathways to Success) Program




What does the CAPS Program offer? 


         Work in a small group setting or 1 on 1

         Work on issues blocking the way to success (truancy, legal issues, mental health treatment, behavior problems)

         Develop a plan to graduate

         Assistance with Senior Projects

         Access Psychiatric Rehabilitation services

         Participate in community tours, assessments, and job shadowing experiences

         Participate in a Vocational Evaluation

         Investigate education, employment, housing, and recreational opportunities in your community

         Improve ability to work with others


   The 411

            Our CAPS (Creating Alternative Pathways to Success) Youth Program is an individualized option for programming. Students in this program may have issues with truancy, drugs and alcohol, juvenile justice, mental health, emotional or behavioral problems. They may also have poor social skills and difficulty working in a group setting. Students may still be in the school district or in an alternative placement. Our staff works 1:1 with the student to help them evaluate themselves and chart a course for their future. There are instruction, evaluation, and community activities that make up this program. Students can work on their community service requirements while learning about their strengths and interests. Assistance can also be provided with senior project completion. For certain students, vocational evaluation is best done in this setting as well. Services can be provided at our facility or at the school.






Please Contact:

 Maureen Hawk

Coordinator of Youth Services


Magic Sentz

Stephanie Baldwin

Susan Smith

Program Specialists

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