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   Let BCRC be the Bridge Between School and the opportunities of Adult Life


        In BCRC’s School-to-Work Transitions Program, students learn quality job habits and skills through coaching and practice. They learn these skills at our work center and at community job sites, where they have the opportunity to put their learning into a real-life experience. The community work sites allow students to explore specific vocational interests to determine what future might be right for them. The program also offers instructional classes based on the needs of each student. 

The School to Work Transitions Program assists students in achieving their educational goals by offering options to meet each student’s needs. Within the Transitions Program, there are three distinct programs in which students can participate:

                 1. School to Work Program

                 2. Community Integration Program

                 3. CAPS (Creating Alternative Pathways to Success) Program

       Students and their families can choose from one program or combine services to make it a more individualized approach.

      Program Specialists provide support and instruction, educating students and families while walking them through the transition to adult services. A Program Specialist from BCRC can be present at annual IEP meetings to introduce the program to parents, students, and staff. They will update the team on progress, discuss future plans, and help set transition goals for each student.





Please Contact:

 Maureen Hawk

Coordinator of Youth Services


Magic Sentz

Stephanie Baldwin

Susan Smith

Program Specialists

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